Our Values

Philosophy of Care

  1. The home will provide a homely atmosphere in which the residents can feel secure and in which they will be assisted to lead as full a life as possible. The prime function will be to care for residents who are encouraged to exercise choice with ongoing assessment of the risks involved.
  2. Each resident will have their own room which can be furnished with their personal belongings if they choose and will be their private area.
  3. Residents will be enabled to socialise with others of their choice and efforts will be made to integrate with the community.
  4. All residents will have an individual care plan that will be based on their needs and will be regularly reviewed. The importance of involving residents, their family and/or an advocate in their care plans should be recognised and any unmet needs recorded.
  5. There will be an appropriate programme of activities available. These will provide opportunities taking into account individual needs and choice.
  6. Each resident will be encouraged to maintain the highest level of personal dignity, privacy, choice and independence within their individual abilities. This will take account of any cultural or spiritual needs.
  7. Appropriately trained and experienced staff will be available with skills necessary to ensure the highest standard of care. This high level of care will be supported by other professional services.
  8. A key-worker system is in place to assist residents with daily living needs and plan of care.
  9. The principles of confidentiality will be observed at all times and residents and their advocates have the right to access any information recorded while they are living in Dorward House.
  10. Each resident and advocate will be given the opportunity to participate, as far as possible, in the decision making processes regarding the daily operation of the home.
  11. The aim of the home is to provide care from admission until the end of life. If needs can no longer be appropriately met and transfer to another setting is necessary, this will be arranged with sensitivity and with the full consultation of the resident, family, advocate and relevant staff.
  12. Residents will be enabled to maintain contact with the local community and form new relationships.
  13. There will be an effective complaints procedure in place and residents, family and advocates will be made aware of this system.
  14. All staff will actively promote the aims and objectives of the home to ensure that residents enjoy a high quality of life.
  15. All staff will receive regular supervision and support from senior staff. All staff will be trained and assessed to improve their capacity to provide quality care.

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